terça-feira, 23 de outubro de 2012

The Hymn of First Contact (Main Title) (from "Star Trek: First Contact")...

Atendendo a pedidos: a versão "reduzida e bem light" (3 minutos!!!) de "The Hymn of First Contact" do filme de 1996 Jornada nas Estrelas: Primeiro Contato, de Jerry Goldsmith e Ken Paul!


Music: Main Title Theme, "Star Trek VIII - First Contact" (Jerry Goldsmith, 1996)
Lyrics: Ken Paul, 2001-2012
Performed by Tatianna Raquel

The time comes in each planet's life, when the truth comes to light,
And touches every heart, to see it's time to start,
To build a future based on love, with some help from above;
Those always at our side, no more need to hide!
And so we gather here, courage that conquers fear,
To see that our grand dreams are finally drawing near.
Into our future we take flight, here tonight, hopes so bright,
Forever live and thrive, truly being alive!

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